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Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)



Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)
This product is perfect for displaying your favourite photos or photos of loved ones. Perfect for display on walls. For homes and offices, other commercial buildings, e.t.c, this product is an excellent choice.
This product is perfect for displaying your favourite photos or photos of loved ones. Perfect for display on walls. For homes and offices, other commercial buildings, e.t.c, this product is an excellent choice.

This is a stacked system. Coloured or black ' white photo is sandwiched in between a 3mm thick ('Dibond also called Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Aluminium Composite Material, (ACM) is a flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. The core is commonly low density polyethylene, or a mix of low density polyethylene and mineral material to exhibit fire retardant properties. The light-weight and rigid composite panel is ideal for large signage applications, architectural signs, display and exhibition, POS / POP display, digital and screen printing, photomounting, interior design and industry and transport. 3A Composites (formerly Alcan Composites and Alusuisse) invented Aluminium Composites over 40 years ago with Alucobond, followed by Dibond 20 years ago.

Some sheets will look fantastic, but installation with exposed edges will quickly break down the core or cause excessive expansion and contraction resulting in -oil-canning- and /or delamination. This will not happen with Dibond sheet, it is a smooth, strong sheet designed to last.

Advantages of Dibond
- The special aluminium alloy offers increase corrosion resistance and advantages in processing especially for 3D applications.
- The super-polyester lacquer guarantees ideal printing and lamination properties, for screen, lamination as well as for digital printing
- The black PE core with UV blocker increases the UV resistance (compared to a bright core material)
- Despite its light weight, DIBOND offers high rigidity and perfect flatness, also with thin sheets.
- Excellent exterior stability within a range of temperatures from - 50 to +80Cel and minor thermal expansion
- DIBOND is environmentally friendly as well as fully recyclable. Also there are no heavy metals in the paint - This is guaranteed by a certificate of Dibond.

What is Dibond?
Dibond plate and a 3mm thick ('Plexiglass (chemically known as Poly methyl methacrylate - PMMA) is often used as a light or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Plexiglass is 10 times stronger than glass, weights half the weight of glass and it is up to 17 times more impact resistant than glass

Plexiglass was first brought to market in 1933 by Rohm and Haas Company in Germany (Now called Evonik Industries Germany), under the trademark Plexiglas? It has since been sold under many different names including Lucite, Perspex and Plaskolite. Smoothgift uses Plexiglas?.

Plexiglass transmits up to 92% of visible light and filters ultraviolet (UV) light at wavelengths below about 300 nm.. These attributes along with its attractiveness, durability and resistance to warping make it an ideal interior and exterior sign and displays material.

Cleaning and maintaining Plexiglass is relatively easy. Always make sure that you are using a soft, clean cloth. First, blow the dust or dirt off, or use water and a soft cloth to float the dirt off. A mild solution of dish-washing detergent and warm water takes off stubborn dirt easily without doing any harm. Never, ever, use cleaners containing ammonia. Thus, cleaners such as Windex or 409 will harm your piece of Plexiglass. Use only products specifically recommended for cleaning Plexiglass such as Novus, Plexiclear or Brillianize etc.

Fine scratches on Plexiglass can be removed with a mild abrasive polish. Heavier scratches, such that you can feel with your fingernail, will require some extra efforts to remove with a bit of sanding and buffing. These services are available at Smoothgift.'

What is plexiglass?
Plexiglass plate.

('Photo will be mounted without margins on a Dibond plate.

You can specify margin size required in 'quot;Enter comments on your chosen options here'quot;. You can also specify the type of hanging system you want.

Type of photo frame:

Photo printed on an excellent quality professional photo sheet is mounted on a 3mm thick plate of dibond. The mounted photo is then protected with a plexiglass plate of the same size .

Size of of photo frame:
Choose required size in 'quot;Substrate size'quot; in 'quot;Available Options'quot; below. Do not hesitate to contact us if the size you required is not listed.

This product is recommended for both private and commercial use or as a gift for: Business colleague and partners, family members or friends.

Suggested occasions: New business, Weddings, anniversaries or just treat yourself to a good and quality product.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Category: Living room


Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)
Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)

('The plexiglass we use is the best of quality. Whether you are exposing your piece to indoor or outdoor UV light, UV can significantly degrade the quality of any artwork or document when left over time. Our plexiglass UV-protection keeps out the damage caused by the sun''s rays. It is resistant to Ultra-Violet (UV) light.

When you mount your paintings on a plexiglass at Smoothgift, you will be adding a new dimension to your paintings. The mounting process which incorporates use of special double-sided optical clear silicon adhesive ensures that the reproduced prints is firmly glued to the back of the plexiglass leaving no strips, air-bubbles nor silvering. What you get is a highly transformed paintings with vibrant colours and enhanced fine details. A centre piece for any room.

To send us the photo you would like to mount please do one of the following:
- Upload your photo/image files (also scanned images) to us from this website (in 'quot;Available Options'quot; below) or
- send it to us by email or
- If your file is on CD/DVD contact us (please use the contact form 'quot;Ask a question about this product'quot; just above the products images on this page) for the address to send it to by post.

After we receive your files or prints, your photo will then be printed on a professional highly glossy Kodak photo paper or on a glossy and transparent photo vinyl.

The printed photo is then mounted with a special double-sided optical clear silicon adhesive vinyl behind the Glass so that you can now see your paintings through the Glass. Now the image looks so real and vibrant.

Print Resolution:
Most photo editing file formats such as .PSD, BMP,TIFF, PDF, JPG, PNG, are accepted.

Most of the time, images can be enlarged from their original low resolution (small) size to the required bigger size. To ensure excellent quality, photos and scanned images are advised to be in the Minimum Prints resolution.

The rule of thumb with required Minimum Prints resolution is to use the professional standard of 300 pixels/inch for resolution. This is our recommendation.

Mounting VS printing
Why mounting is better than printing: Compared to directly printing on perpex and other substrates, our process produces a much better quality because the image is first printed (in a professional photo lab) on a high quality photo paper. The special double-sided optical clear silicon adhesive vinyl used for mounting is ultraviolet UV resistant. So is the plexiglass block. The mounting system and the UV resistance attribute help to ensure that the image mounted on to the plexiglass is protected as well as retains its quality over many years. Direct printing on plexiglass lacks this quality.

Engraving and Gilding
If your order involves engraving and or gilding, you would be sent an image of the texts and artwork to be engraved by email, for your approval before engraving. We will not engrave your work until you have given us your consent to do so.

Smoothgift offers both Sandblasting engraving and Hand engraving methods. Sandblasting engraving is a true form of art. It is the most versatile form of engraving and as such, it requires specific skill set. It is distinct from other form of engraving like computer controlled form of engraving (e.g. cnc engraving, laser engraving, etc). With sandblasting engraving, no two engraved pieces are ever exactly the same.

Hand engraving is the most authentic form of engraving. It is almost as versatile form of engraving as sandblasting engraving. It shows character and just like sandblasting engraving, no two engraved pieces are ever the same.

Both engraving methods are perfect for texturing on all hard surfaces. While sandblasting cannot achieve deep engraving only on steel and metal surfaces, deep engraving and carving can be achieved with hand engraving or with a combination of sandblasting and hand engraving on steel, plexiglass, glass, acrylic, metals, woods, stones and on almost all other hard surface objects. The result is usually stunning and impressive. See more about our different engraving methods in 'quot;help'quot; or 'quot;Engraving'quot;.

Gilding is an elaborate process that requires special skill set and plenty of time for drying but the beauty of the end product makes it worthy of the time and efforts put into making it.

Although our gilding services includes oil gilding, water gilding and powder buff gilding, only oil gilding is offered for most of the products on our website. However, our customers are welcome to request for either the traditional water gilding or powder buff gilding.

While water gilding and powder buff gilding cannot be burnished or polished, oil gilding can be.

Smoothgift offers the following leafs for gilding:
Real 24 karats gold leaf
Real silver leaf and
Imitation gold leaf

It is worth noting that while the imitation gold leaf gilding requires protection cover in form of clear acrylic sealer against potential UV damages, Real 24 karats gold leaf gilding and Real silver leaf gilding do not require any protection against the UV damages because they are genuine leafs. They will never tarnish or oxide. They will always retain their shines.

Name:  Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)
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Dibond ' Plexiglass wall photo (full mount)

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Free delivery on all order over €150.00 net to any address in Amsterdam.
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